Litters & Available


Future Litters

**We have exciting plans for 2 litters in summer of 2020! A waiting list has started**

Due to the overwhelming number of inquires only fill out the questionnaire if you are serious and we will get back to you ASAP. You MUST have a house with a fenced in yard and prior dog experience in order to be considered for the waiting list. All pups tails are docked per the AKC breed standard.  If you have fully understood how we place our pups (see below) and are serious about being added to the waiting list feel free to call me with any questions you might have (804) 387-6355. There is a $300 deposit to hold your puppy.



A lot of time and planning goes into whelping and raising a litter. All of our puppies/young adults are sold on a limited registration to companion homes for $1500. We do not charge extra for coat color, eye color, or sex as all of the puppies in a litter are raised and cared for exactly the same. 


Color & Sex

While we always take into consideration the color and sex of your next puppy, we place our puppies first according to temperament and if they will be a good match for their future home. This type of placement works out BEST for the puppy and their new family. 

Our Litters

Our puppies are born in our living room are given the absolute best start in life. We introduce them to lots of sounds, footings, other dogs and traveling in vehicles. At 2-3 days their tails are docked. At 4 weeks they start eating a mixture of ProPlan kibble and goats milk. At 5 weeks they start going outside and start learning to potty in the grass. At 7 weeks they go to the vet for a health exam. At 8 weeks evaluations are done and the pups can go to their new homes.